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Indonesian Teak Day Beds

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The Early Settler Indonesian teak day beds and benches are available in a range of unique styles and online only. They’re meticulously hand-carved by skilled artisans in a small village in Indonesia. Made from reclaimed timber, the Indonesia day beds and benches are an eco-friendly choice. The hardwood is also exceptionally resistant to rot, pests and moisture. The wood used for the benches is salvaged from old buildings and bridges and up to 100 years old. Not only is it beautifully grained, it’s also much stronger than fresh lumber and won’t bend or warp in temperature fluctuations. Teak doesn’t absorb and retain cold or the heat from the sun like some other materials can. This makes it ideal for outdoor living as it’s always comfortable to sit on. It’s also easy to clean with a cloth or the hose and left to dry naturally. Keeping ancient handcrafting alive means our collection is varied with only a small number of Indonesian teak day beds available in each style. Every bench is unique and there’s an assortment of designs to choose from. Check out more about the ancient Indonesian art of Indonesian woodcarving.


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