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Kids’ Bedroom Makeover!



We’ve got some great ideas for kids’ bedroom makeovers to transform their spaces from blah to ta-dah! with handy tips from the Early Settler homewares buyer Mamta Johal.


Bedded bliss

Who doesn’t love sleeping in a giant Thomas the Tank Engine bed or princess castle? But let’s be honest, kids quickly outgrow novelty beds. So if it’s time for an update, think longer term with a double or queen that will comfortably see them through the teenage years and possibly even moving out of home as young adults. “Start by finding one or two pieces of furniture that both you and your child love,” says Mamta. “They need to be practical, yet also be able to create a space that they love.”

Kids’ Bedroom Makeover with the Lottie
Kids' bedroom makeover manor bed
Among the Early Settler collection, we’ve got a range of sturdy timber and powder-coated metal options in country and contemporary styles, along with a couple of stunning canopy beds that can be draped with sheer curtains and fairy lights.

“Soften the space with layered bedding, natural materials and muted tones,” says Mamta.

“Or use bold primary colours for a more gender-neutral or boyish look.”


Sleek study space

In order to keep the Textas and textbooks from congesting the dining room table, it’s a great idea to invest in a desk and chair for your kids so they’ve got somewhere comfortable to study and craft in their bedrooms.

“For a cohesive look, choose a desk that matches the theme of the room — such as New York loft or beachy boho,” says Mamta.

And don’t forget a comfy chair! We’ve got an assortment of velvet Kip chairs that glide around on caster wheels and will swivel them all the way through high school.

Image courtesy of Jess Dempsey

Back-to-School Room Refresh with the Kip desk chairs



Whether they’re at the Treehouse books or Twilight series stage, having a cosy corner to curl up into works wonders in luring them into their reading nook. We’ve got a scrumptious selection of armchairs to choose from in fabric, velvet and even jungle print.

Or serve up some serious spoiling with a hanging Byron basket chair abounding in soft cushions and throws. If space allows, a sofa bed is also a great option, as it offers a versatile space for both Snapchatting and sleepovers with friends.

“Choose furniture pieces and décor elements that won’t date as time passes,” says Mamta. “Or if you are incorporating trendier pieces, keep them small and easily changeable like throws and cushions.”



From books and Barbies to records and remotes, let’s face it: kids collect a lot of stuff! A savvy storage solution is the only want to keep kids and teens organised (and keep yourself sane on those busy weekday school rushes!).

“Striking the right balance between a functional space with plenty of storage that also looks great involves taking a holistic approach to the room that also considers how the room might evolve over time,” says Mamta.

Cube storage is a great way to put shoes and favourite toys on display and in easy reach. Cupboards and drawers, on the other hand, are ideal for hiding away the clutter and never-ending iPad and Xbox cords and controllers.

“Add wooden boxes to your bookshelf décor to not only add texture to the room, but also keep extra books and toys in one organised place. Then you can have fun styling it with book collections.”


Dreamy décor

Finally, decide on some dreamy décor to add personality and pops of life, like some playful prints, colourful cushions, faux plants and flowers, and even a luxurious velvet ottoman.

“Creating the perfect space in the kids’ bedroom makeover doesn’t begin and end with a bed, there’s a lot of potential to explore options in the rest of the room, too! Think about adding a chandelier or rug, this could be the final touch for any bedroom makeover.”

Make sure there’s plenty of lighting other than the bright overhead bulb for comfortable bedtime reading and homework, and cap it all off with a beautiful statement mirror to reflect the natural light and your kids’ adorable faces.

More in-store

Visit us online or your local Early Settler furniture store to get more kids’ bedroom makeover inspiration. And don’t miss contemporary coastal interior design.


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