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Make Your Home Office a Haven


Put your office to work

For the lucky ones who work from home, you know there’s actually more to it than being able to wear ugg boots on a conference call. Productivity is more important than ever if you run your own business or feel the need to impress the boss remotely. Establishing a dedicated space that is free from distraction yet inspiring is essential to work-from-home success. We’ve got tips to help you make your home office a haven so you can smash out your blogs, blueprints or budgets with ease.

A quiet place

It’s hard to concentrate backdropped by the shriek of passing traffic and bickering teenagers fighting over the TV remote. So if layout allows, position your office in a quiet room of your home or a backyard bungalow. If, however, this is an impossible dream, consider investing in some quality noise-cancelling headphones to bring the cone of silence directly to you.

Little staff members

If you have young children, it may be better to have a home office near the living room or playroom so you can keep an ear out while you work. Or set your toddler up with their own little desk in the corner to ‘work’ on Play-Doh, Lego and puzzles to keep them busy as little bumblebees. Having plenty of books, even the dress-up basket — all the tools to keep them occupied so you can work with minimal interruption. 

Colour me happy

Choosing a complementary colour scheme to the main house will help make your home office look more cohesive, but it doesn’t have to be identical. It’s worth taking into account that psychology studies show that different colours can help improve productivity (or reduce it!).

🔷 Blue stimulates the mind and helps with focus, making it a popular choice in office design.
💚 Green is universally soothing (something we all crave in a busy work day) and can be also achieved with plenty of indoor plants to make your home office a haven.
💛 Yellow is said to stimulate emotion and uplift mood, which is idea for creative industries.
🔴 Red creates more urgency and is great for a fast-pace environment, such as sales (but anxiety-provoking if you crave calm).

If you can’t decide, use an app like Dulux Colour to ‘sample’ different colours in your space until you find the shade that inspires you.

Sleek selection

When choosing your office furnishings, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to conform to big, heavyoffice furniture. Select pieces that mirror the existing theme of your home, such as Hamptons, classic, country or contemporary. The Fulham and Theo, for instance, have a chic industrial edge that suits modern styling. The Clover and Maine have a relaxed aesthetic that would suit both beachy and Scandi homes. The Holly and Jenson are crafted in a light timber and provide plenty of surface space and drawers to hide away the bits and bobs. The Pengrove nods to mid-century design, while the Olten will appeal to your inner artist with its on-trend A-frame trestle legs.

Make Your Home Office a Haven with the Fulham
Make Your Home Office a Haven with the Fulham shelf

Clutter buster

Clutter busting is key to maintaining a productive workplace. Select a desk with drawers to hide away the paperclips and scissors. Open shelving units can be fitted out with baskets to further accommodate organisation. The goal is to have a functional space for everything. Take into account all of your specific requirements, such as surface space and storage. Visible power cords look ugly and can trip you up. Go wireless or get some cord ties to have them tidily tucked away.

Method in the madness

If, alternatively, you work better in a little chaos, take this into account. Not everyone is a Type A personality with staplers and hole punchers perfectly aligned. There’s nothing wrong with that. Consider how you work best. Some people prefer everything tucked away out of sight, while others like the essentials in plain view out on the desk. Browse some of the home office solutions on Pinterest for more ideas on organising your space.

Hello, you

When decorating your office space, remember this space is all about you. Forget the grey walls and claustrophobic cubicles of conventional offices — you can customise this space to your own requirements and preferences. Roll out a gorgeous rug beneath your office chair; position a comfy armchair or sofa for reading and research. A fold-out sofa would also allow your home office to double as a guest room if required. Hang some interesting artwork on the walls and curate your lighting with a few lovely lamps. Classical music is said to stimulate brain activity and productivity, so a Bluetooth speaker may be a good investment.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

If you don’t have room to make a dedicated home office — let alone make it a haven fear not. We also have tips for simple study nook solutions to give you a stylish workspace in a niche or cupboard.


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