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House Rules: Natural Coastal Haven


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Tasked with renovating Tanya and Dave’s Bedford “monster” into a family-friendly, natural coastal haven, the House Rules teams impressed with their relaxed aesthetic, natural materials and playful colour palettes for the kids. Get the coastal look in your home by embracing these beachy-keen design elements.

Cochin 180cm Round Rug. Early Settler Image: Salu Side Table & Coffee Table, Boston Sofa, Marnie Macrame ThrowHouse Rules ImageHuxley Sofa.

Soothing shades

Create a soothing ambience by layering up neutral shades of white and beige in various textures. Add muted pops of blue and green reminiscent of the seaside or a coastal motif like palm trees or waves.

Natural attraction

Rustic and whitewashed timbers, crisp linens and seagrass work beautifully together to harness a natural, earthy ambience. Tie your spaces together with plenty of indoor plants to bring the outdoors in.

Jute Rope Hanging Basket, Casa Uno Hanging Basket, Savona Hanging Basket, Savona Dog Bed, Floret Plant, Clover 3 Drawer Bedside.

Let there be light

Amplify the light throughout your coastal-style home with sheer curtains, tall mirrors and plenty of assorted table lamps. Seashell and beaded chandeliers makes a glamorous statement.

Caspar Table Lamp, Negril Beaded ChandelierHouse Rules Image: Savona Hanging Basket, Elisa Mirror.

Accommodate the clan

Family-friendly design considers the practical aspect of raising kids, such as plenty of storage and bright, uplifting colours that can be easily updated as toddlers turn into teens.

Provincial Cross Back Chair in White, Cloud Rug, Dusky Pink Velvet CushionHouse Rules Images: Mansfield Bedside, Vientiane Chevron Basket, Maine White Desk.

Get the look

Learn more about the elements of creating the natural coastal aesthetic for your home in our previous blog story and shop the look online or in-store with ease — our stores have reopened!


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