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Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home


Easy updates

Spending more time indoors, winter is the perfect season to update your space. We’ve got budget-friendly ways to refresh your home that are light on the pocket yet big on impact and a little lifestyle luxe.


Get pretty with paint

A quick, easy and budget-friendly way to give a room an instant refresh is with a coat of paint. But don’t over-extend yourself. Painting the entire house from floor to ceiling is a huge job and physically intensive. Rather, tackle this task in bite-sized pieces by working room by room.

Alternatively, select a gorgeous colour for a feature wall behind the bed or sofa for a stunning upgrade with minimal elbow grease. A good rule of thumb is that darker tones make a space warmer and more intimate; light tones make the room feel fresher and more spacious. Or brighten up your bathroom with a crisp shade of white. Check out the Dulux colour forecast for 2020.

Refresh Your Home in Isolation


Update your lighting

All too often we find ourselves living with the lighting that was installed by the builders a decade ago. Take control of the ambience of your areas with a selection of lighting options. Floor lamps and table lamps with varying bulb wattage can set the mood for every occasion.

Pendant lighting and chandeliers make a stunning statement, particularly hung over the dining table, living area or anywhere you want to up the wow factor. Choose, for instance, a crystal chandelier for some old-world elegance or a beaded chandelier for a touch of beachy chic. Keep your eyes peeled for the BUY 1 GET ONE FREE deals in table lamps.


Get smart with technology

Take your lighting to the next level with some smart lightbulbs. Easily controlled with your smartphone, you can adjust on/off, the dimness and colour of your smart bulbs from anywhere. You can even set the mood, such as warm and ambient, romantic, mellow. There’s also a bulb (SweetDreams) that minimises blue light to promote the sleep hormone, melatonin.

You could even kick it up to the next level with a smart home hub, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Actioned by voice or your smartphone, your smart hub can control your lighting, music, temperature, security cameras, television… and jacuzzi!


Style your bookshelf

Whether you’re a Type A personality who likes everything alphabetised and colourised or a more creative soul who prefers to let it flow, we all like knowing where our stuff is when we need it. Spend an afternoon reorganising your bookshelf to have it styled like a stylist.

Start by clearing out the clutter (does it spark joy?) to sort your precious keepsakes from the chaos. Then arrange your books, framed photos, plants and knickknacks in a curated and intentional fashion. We’ve got an easy guide here.


New soft furnishings

Cushions, linens and throws are a wonderful way to add instant colour and warmth. You can easily add a whole new colour palette with a fresh selection of cushions and soft throw blankets or a luxe new sheet set in the bedroom.

Curtains too are a great way to change the entire mood of a room. Thick drapery offers privacy, blackout and protection against outside temperatures, while sheer curtains soften the interior space without obstructing the light. A great tip from designers is to hang sheer curtains high, so they fall from ceiling to floor. It somehow makes the ceiling seem higher.

Refresh Your Home in Isolation with Lottie


A toasty accessory

As winter sets in, the idea of curling up before a crackling fire with a cheeky glass of red is oh-so-appealing. But if your home isn’t blessed with a roaring open fireplace, there are electric fireplaces that can be wall-mounted in any home. There’s something truly hypnotising about watching the flicker of flames on a chilly night.

You could even invest in the whole set up with a fireplace package that includes the mantle. Controlled with a remote and able to effectively heat your living room, some LED fireplaces even have flame colour options.

More in-store

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly ways to refresh your home, come and visit us in-store on online. Our teams is always happy to help! And don’t miss out story on how COVID-19 has changed our homes forever — trends are showing it’s all about a greater emphasis on comfort.

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