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Buyer’s Guide to the 2020 Rug Collection


A new era

This year has been unlike any other. Stuck at home for months on end, comfort has become paramount for Australian households as so many people have found themselves working, studying and exercising from home. With this in mind, Early Settler has taken a more meticulous approach to sourcing and selecting choices for the 2020 Rug Collection, focusing on superior comfort and quality to accommodate changing household needs.

Finding the perfect picks

“We worked closely with our manufacturing experts and spent many hours planning the very best range that offered exceptional comfort while also complementing our furniture,” says Mamta Johal, a buyer for Early Settler. “A range was built and we were able to produce the high-end collection we are so proud of.”

This year, the elements we focused on were colour, pattern and texture.

— Mamta Johal, homewares buyer for Early Settler

Mamta says you shouldn’t be afraid of being loud and proud in your interiors. Bold statement rugs are in demand and look amazing against a neutral backdrop. They help to anchor spaces and create visual interest and character.

Layer up

“The layered rug look is also very popular this year. It’s a great way to have fun with textures and styles and create ambience with a range of colours,” says Mamta. “It offers a relaxed look that works really well with coastal, beachy, Hamptons and bohemian style interiors, which are very on-trend.”

A rug for every room

Rugs are the perfect way to pull rooms together. They establish a relationship between the furniture and elements within a room to form a central hub, while creating a sense of warmth. Even over carpet, rugs offer softer, warmer spaces and a more luxurious aesthetic in the room overall.

“The kitchen may seem like a dangerous place for a rug,” adds Mamta. “But as we start to use every inch of our homes this can be a great place to set up a rug.”

Try a runner in the kitchen to add softness, colour and protect bare feet against cold tiles or floorboards.

— Mamta Johal

Add instant elegance

With travel restriction this year, people are investing more in updating, renovating and making their homes more comfortable. Quality rugs are an interior design essential and a cost-effective way to add an instant style boost to rooms.

Buyer’s Guide to the 2020 Rug Collection with the Nomad rug

New themes for a new era

“We’ve created new themes this year to reflect Australian households,” says Mamta. Our rugs are categorised into Contemporary, Natural, Bohemian, Floral and Plush to make it really easy to find what you’re looking for. We also have a Wanderlust theme for those who like to bring a little bit of an exotic look home.”

The bulk of this season’s collection have been handmade in India by highly-skilled craftspeople. The range offers a sumptuous selection of colours, shapes, prints, textures and materials — from wool and cotton to eco-friend jute and hemp.

We’re really excited to be launching this year’s collection!

— Mamta Johal

The power to transform

“Rugs have the power to transform every room in your house. They add warmth and personality, as well as instant luxury,” says Mamta. “Rugs also help to create a division between spaces, which is wonderful for modern living as so many people opt for open-plan homes.”

Buyer’s Guide to the 2020 Rug Collection living room

Ready to rug up?

Shop the autumn–winter 2020 Rug Collection in-store or online and don’t miss our guides to choosing the perfect rug, selecting the right size rug for your space and our glossary of rug terms explaining materials and weaves, from hand-loomed to chenille.


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