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Outdoor living for the new era

The outdoor furniture trends of 2021 reflect the new era. It’s all about staying home more, entertaining in the open air, eco-friendly materials and bringing the soft comforts of indoors outside.


This trend has been budding for a while and now it’s in full bloom. Gone are the cheap plastic outdoor furniture sets some of us may remember from the last century — householders are craving the comfort and quality of indoor furniture out on the deck. Investing in quality garden furniture is all about collecting high-quality pieces that will look good, last the years and offer the comfort of the living room or dining room outdoors.
An Outdoor Zone for Every Occasion with Kodee

Householders are craving the comfort and quality of indoor furniture out on the deck.

Alfresco rooms

With travel restrictions throughout 2020, reports are showing people have been investing their holiday funds into updates that bring the vacay vibe home, such as expanding their decks, popping on pergolas and even installing bistro blinds. Patios are becoming extensions of living areas to allow more square footage for the household, an open-air entertaining space and usability all year round.

These alfresco rooms, sunrooms and enclosed patios allow for far more flexibility in outdoor furnishings. Timber, metal, concrete and marble tables look new for years to come when kept in covered spaces, and outdoor cushions never need to be packed away.

Soft outdoor accessories

Additionally, sofas, coffee tables, cushions, rugs and outdoor lighting can be kicked into the next level when items are protected from the weather. This fusion of indoor–outdoor living on a grander scale is one of the major outdoor furniture trends of 2021.

Vibrant, colourful cushions and tropical themes are all the rage in soft outdoor furnishings — such as jungle prints, exotic birds, native foliage and tropical flowers — as we all look to create paradise on the patio.

(Soft accessories can be used in exposed outdoor areas but are best stored undercover when not in use to protect them from rain.)

Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2021 with cushions

Fire pits & outdoor fans

Temperature control goes hand in hand with expanding decks and outdoor spaces. An outdoor ceiling fans will keep you cool and repel the bugs on hot summer days, while fire pits have never been more popular. The antidote to too much screen time, just bring a cuddly throw blanket and a glass of red and get hypnotised by the flames beneath the stars. A toasty heat source outside lets you enjoy your outdoor area even in winter.
Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2021 firepit
Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Hayman

Eco-friendly & sustainable

The importance of natural and sustainable materials such as acacia timber and reclaimed teak has become enormously apparent in the Australian market in recent years and this is unlikely to wane. People are looking for hardy and eco-friendly furnishings that last longer and have less impact on the planet.
Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2021 with the Antigua

Eco-friendly sustainable and reclaimed timbers have become enormously apparent as we strive to have less impact on the planet.

Curvaceous & comfy

Curvy, comfy and high-quality furniture goes hand-in-hand with this expansive into increased outdoor living. Alfresco sofas, day beds and dining chairs are increasingly offered with thick cushioning in moisture-resistant fabrics.

It’s all about that ‘outdoor living room’ vibes to creates spaces you can relax for hours, entertain, spend time with the family. You could even bring the laptop out and work in the work in the sunshine or a stack of your favourite glossy magazines.

Outdoor Furniture Trends of 2021

Shop online or in-store at Early Settler

This summer’s outdoor furniture trends are all about the ultimate in alfresco comfort, whether entertaining a few friends, eating outdoors, sunset cocktails or curling up with a book. Come and visit in-store or online to check out this year’s outdoor collection. And don’t miss our story on creating an outdoor zone for every occasion.


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  1. Afton Jackson 4th March 2021

    You really caught my attention when you talked about fire pits as a fixture that people are using on their patios nowadays. Even if it’s the summer season, my area is known for some pretty chilly evenings which can cause us some trouble if we want to enjoy our patio for extended periods of time. Once I’m done shopping for outdoor furniture for the patio, I’ll look around for any place I can get fire pits as well.


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