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Simple Styling Tips for Selling Your Home


10 tips to fetch a better sale price

Spring is widely recognised as the best time of year to sell your house. With the weather warming, flowers blooming in the garden and people emerging from their winter hibernation, it’s the perfect time to show off the lifestyle appeal of your property. Yet, no matter what the season, listing your house on the property market is a high-stakes game. Anything less than perfect presentation can translate into thousands of dollars lost in potential sale price. This may be bad news for some, but it’s excellent news for those willing to invest a little bit of time, money and elbow grease to get their home sparkling. We’ve compiled some simple styling tips for selling your home to maximise its price.


When it comes to first impressions, it starts with the street appeal. Pull the weeds, mow the lawn and hide the wheelie bins. Find somewhere to stash the kids’ bikes, scooters and basketballs so they’re completely out of sight and clear your entryway of shoes, dead leaves and spiderwebs. Invest in a new doormat and a couple of leafy potted ferns beside the front door. And speaking of front doors, according to Zillow’s 2018 Paint Color Analysis, painting the door black or charcoal grey can add $6,000 to the sale price.


Pack away the family photos, knick-knacks and unnecessary odds and ends so people can picture themselves in the space. Use clever storage solutions to demonstrate how functional the dimensions are. But leave just a touch of personality to make your interiors warm and inviting, such as some stylish wall art.

Simple styling tips for selling your home with the Slouch


Tick every single item off the to-do list that you’ve been putting off for years. But be realistic about what you can and can’t do yourself, as dodgy DIY work will instantly turn buyers off and you may end up doing more harm than good. Patch plaster, clear the gutters and replace lightbulbs, but hire a tradie for the tricky jobs, such as tiling and electrical.

4 Apply a lick of paint

Never underestimate the power of fresh paint — it will abolish years of nicks, scratches, fingerprints and picture-hook holes and make your home feel crisp and clean immediately. Choose neutral colours to appeal to the maximum number of buyers. Think beige, light greys or soft pastels. Now’s not the time to experiment with that scarlet-red feature wall you’ve been contemplating.

5 Scrap the shag

Installing new carpeting in the bedrooms is one of the cheapest ways to add value to your home. So scrap the shag and lay down some plush new pile to impress buyers with both the look and clean new-carpet smell. Alternatively, timber floorboards are timeless and there are a lot of stunning floating-floor solutions. You could top them with new rugs that you can roll up and take with you after you’ve sold.

Simple styling tips for selling your home with the diamond rug

6 Balance the furniture

Too much in a room can make it feel cramped. Ironically, too little can also make the space feel small. Cull and reposition furnishings to fit the space not the television screen. Or invest in a new sofa to help sell your house, which, of course, you can also take with you when you move into your new home. Increasingly, people are opting to hire professional stylists to ‘stage’ their home. For a few thousand dollars, a stylist will supply the furniture and décor to present you home in its best possible light. Many agents claim that professional styling can add up to 10% on the sale price.

7 Go green

Add plenty of life and greenery with plants and flowers throughout. Plants are shown to improve air quality and heighten mood, while flowers add a lovely natural scent without the chemicals. Essential oil diffusers and candles also work well at open-for-inspection times to add a subtle fragrance.

Simple styling tips for selling your home with the Pavia

8 Get fresh

Refresh your décor with some cushions, throws, rugs, ottomans and side tables. Invest in some key pieces of furniture and some fresh new linens on the beds. Pick some wall art to make the space pop. For inspections, make sure you open every single curtain and turn on every light. Flooding the space in light will make the rooms feel fresh and uplifting. You can also use table lamps and mirrors to enhance the light and illusion of space. Everyone wants to live in a bright, fresh and airy home.

Simple styling tips for selling your house with the Clover

9 Renovate or detonate?

There’s truth to the saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Many Australian agents claim that a $10,000 kitchen refub can add as much as $60,000 to your sale price. But it depends on a range of factors, from your location and property size to the value of the land. A 1960s beach shack on a quarter-acre allotment in a trendy coastal town, for instance, could be potentially bought by developers and demolished to make way for contemporary townhouses. In which case, there’s zero point in investing a dime into any updates. It’s worth getting professional advice before you part with your hard-earned cash. If you do plan to update the kitchen and bathroom, though, consider doing it a year before listing your home on the market so you have plenty of time to enjoy it yourself!

Simple styling tips for selling your home with the Nova

10 Expand into the alfresco

People aren’t just looking for a house, they’re looking for a lifestyle. Consider installing bi-folds or French doors to open your living room to the garden or deck. This adds significant value to properties. Aussies love to entertain so making your home an entertainer will add enormous appeal. Cap it off with an alfresco dining table and sofa to create a holiday-at-home vibe.

Simple styling tips for selling your home with the Yarra

Are you ready to start styling?

Browse our homewares online or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. Our friendly team is always there to lend a hand with styling advice and practical information. And don’t forget to check out our new Great Entertainers outdoor furniture ideas.

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