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10 Ways to Clean the Air in Your Home


Breathe easy

Is your home feeling musty? Tired? Dusty? We’ve got 10 ways to clean the air in your home and freshen your spaces for spring.

10 Ways to Clear the Air in Your Home open windows


Open up

Can you feel those balmy breezes? As the warm weather arrives, it’s the perfect time to open windows and external doors to let in the fresh air flow and sweet scents of spring, while flushing out the winter stagnation.


Organic cleaners

A lot of cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies and even asthma in those inclined. Give your home an organic deep clean with your own homemade cleaners made from baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. Check out these fresh TikTok hacks from mama_mila_.


Freshen your fibres

Blankets, doonas, sheets and pillowcases are fabulous particle collectors when it comes to dust, mould and mites. In addition to obviously washing all your linens on a regular basis, a seasonal hot wash with Napisan or a natural lemon and vinegar blend can give them the deep clean they might need. If your doona doesn’t fit in the washing machine, a dry cleaner can take care of it. See how @mama_mila_ keeps her pillows fresh yet fluffy.


Clean filters

When was the last time you replaced the filters in your air-conditioning and vacuum? They can hoard dust and mould and should be changed regularly. Likewise, heating ducts and ceiling vents gather dust and debris over time. Give them a good cleanse, vacuum or dusting so you can all breathe easy (particularly if you’re a household with allergies, asthma or pets). Check out how to clean your filters.


Scour the shower

There are few among us who like to get low-down and dirty on the bathroom floor and scrub the tiles. Yet mould loves to grow in wet areas and tiny spores can float around, penetrating noses and lungs. Spring is a great time to snap on the rubber glows and scrub all your tiled areas to within an inch of their lives. See how a professional cleaner does it with no harsh chemicals.


Brush out the bugs

Cockroaches, spiders, flies and other bugs aren’t just bothersome when they’re alive. When they die, their bodies break down into little bits that can also penetrate your airspace. These particles (and poop!) can infiltrate curtains, sheets, pillows and rugs. A seasonal shampooing all of soft furnishings will help to eliminate this (kinda creepy) issue. Check out this chemical-free bug spray.

10 Ways to Clean the Air in Your Home fix leaks


Fix the leaks

We all know the familiar drip-drip-drip in the middle of the night of a tired tap washer starting to wear. These little leaks occur over time in every home and it’s best to keep on top of them. Not only are they water-wasters, they can lead to water pooling, mould and cockroach infestations, which all lead to poor air quality in the home. If you’re handy, get on the tools… if not, call a plumber.

10 Ways to Clear the Air in Your Home dog dander


Ditch the doggy dander

All the fluff, allergens and outdoor debris our fur-babies bring into the house can trigger allergies and asthma in some. It’s recommended to keep your pets off beds and sofas. But if you simply can resist those big shiny teddy-bear eyes, make sure you brush cats regularly, wash dogs regularly and vacuum up all the fur around the house as often as possible.

10 Ways to Clean the Air in Your Home shampoo carpet


Shampoo the shag

Dust, pollens and allergens build over over time in upholstery, rugs and carpet. To freshen your spaces, clear the air and keep your rugs and furniture looking their best, having them professionally shampooed seasonally or even yearly will eliminate dirt and mites and help improve the air quality in your home, particularly for those with asthma or allergies.

10 Ways to Clear the Air in Your Home with a fan


Flick on the fan

Another great way to clean the air in your home is with a ceiling fan. Not only do they help keep you cool on warm days, they also create airflow that clears the air and oxygenates the space. Unlike air-conditioners, which can recycle dust particles and allergens in the home, a fan keeps the air in the room circulating, especially in conjunction with open windows. As an added bonus, they also blow the bugs away.


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