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3 Steps to Styling Your Coffee Table



So often we see a coffee table in a magazine or Instagram that seems effortlessly styled yet inexplicably wows. It didn’t just happen by accident; it was more than likely carefully fashioned. Beyond being a place to pop your cuppa and remote, a coffee table can anchor the room and add elegance, which makes it worth decorating with purpose. We’ve got 3 simple steps to styling your coffee table to get that Insta-worthy aesthetic that draws the eye and creates a stunning centrepiece in your living room.

3 Steps to Styling Your Coffee Table - 3 steps

The rule of 3

Start with the ‘Rule of 3’. Three seems to be the magical number in art and design as it creates both balance and interest. Opt for 3 objects of varying heights — 1 tall, 1 medium and 1 short — as playing with levels creates visual interest. But there’s a secret formula to the items you select. Are you ready for this? Shhhh… it’s: (1) a plant or flowers in a vase, (2) books and/or trays and (3) candles and/or coasters. Of course, you aren’t limited to strictly 3 items, but remember, less is more when it comes to making your coffee table vignettes look curated (and not cluttered!).

3 Steps to Styling Your Coffee Table - rule of 3

The ‘Rule of 3’ for the perfect coffee table vignette is to pick 3 items of varying heights.


Plants & vases

Typically, your plants (or flowers) in a vase will be your ‘tall’ object to add a vertical element. The taller the arrangement, the more drama it will add to a room. So, if it’s a formal space that’s mostly for show, why not go big and create a showpiece? If, however, you’re decorating a coffee table in a more functional space, make sure your vase isn’t obstructing the view. You don’t want to have to peek through a forest of foliage to see the TV or your friend’s face during a coffee catchup.

The same styling philosophy can also be applied to smaller entryway tables (in miniature if needed).


Trays & books

Trays serve a very important function on decorative coffee tables — they offer an organised catch-all to place those day-to-day items, from remote controls and iPhones to USBs and car keys. Coffee table books can also work in a similar way to a tray offering a surface to corral smaller bits and bobs. They also add personality, colour and culture to your space — from eco beach houses to dog photography.

3 Steps to Styling Your Coffee Table - candles

Plants, books and candles make the ideal coffee table combo.


Candles & coasters

The shortest items in your rule of 3, candles and coasters are also wonderfully practical. Who doesn’t love the evening ambience of flickering candlelight — particularly the scented variety? And coasters, while offering obvious surface-saving functionality, also come in an array of adorable styles to add further visual interest to your coffee table. If you have room on your table, add both!


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