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Create Your Own Pendant Light Shade



Pendant lighting can serve both pretty and practical purposes in your home. It can create powerful task lighting over workspaces such as your desk or kitchen counter, as well as a glamorous focal point over the dining table or in the living room. But did you know that with many existing light fixtures, you can install in your own pendant lighting attachment without the cost of an electrician? It’s easy to create your own pendant light shade with your existing ceiling light fixture, your favourite light shade and our 50cm DIY pendant suspension set. You could even use an old treasured lampshade to repurpose into a feature pendant light in your home.

Create Your Own Pendant Light Shade - batten fixture

B22 batten holder (existing ceiling fixture)

Step-by-step instructions

(diagram below)

▶️ Step 1 If you don’t know what type of ceiling light fixture you currently have, it’s easy to check. Ensure your power is turned off and then carefully remove the bulb from your ceiling light fixture to check your electrical connection. Our DIY pendant suspension sets are compatible with B22 batten light fixtures, which are standard in many Australian homes. If you have this fixture, you’re safe to go ahead and purchase your DIY suspension set.

▶️ Step 2 With the light switch turned off, slot the bayonet plug BC socket into the ceiling light socket.

▶️ Step 3 Slide the ceiling canopy up over the light socket.

▶️ Step 4 Tighten the cable lock to fix the ceiling canopy in place over the ceiling light socket.

▶️ Step 5 Remove the lamp-holder skirt.

▶️ Step 6 Install the light shade. We stock a range of compatible lampshades that will fit your DIY suspension set.

▶️ Step 7 Reconnect the lamp-holder skirt.

▶️ Step 8 Install the lightbulb. Our suspension sets take standard screw-in ES globes.

▶️ Step 9 Turn on the power and bask in the glow of your beautiful pendant lighting.

Create Your Own Pendant Light Shade - diagram


Visit us in-store and online at Early Settler to check out our full lighting range and talk to our friendly team in person about how to create your own pendant light shade. And learn how to install your own fireplace with this easy guide.

Create Your Own Pendant Light Shade - light shades

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