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Get the Light Just Right


Set the mood with lighting

No one likes the cold, utilitarian lighting of bright overhead ceiling lights to relax, unwind and usher in the evening. While they’re an obvious necessity in every home, they don’t need to dictate the household mood. Different lighting wattages and colours have a distinct impact on our emotions and well-being. It’s called ‘mood lighting’ for a reason. Having a selection of lighting options helps you to get the light just right for every mood, occasion and time of day.

Get the Light Just Right - table lamp


Bright light!

Studies show that bright light can heighten emotions. This is great for your workspace and when you need to concentrate, so ensure you have ample light on your desk or if you’re having an important meeting or discussion. Poor lighting in the day and during working / school hours can impact mood and energy.

Get the Light Just Right with the Slouch sofa and floor lamp


Create a mellow mood

In the evening, however (or when you need to calm the kids!), dimmer lighting is well known to slow us down with its calmative effect. Having softer lighting when eating dinner is said to subconsciously make us eat more slowly, which is great for our metabolisms. And subdued bedside table lamps help to prepare our bodies for the night of sleep ahead.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with lighting


Amplify your island

Pendant lighting is a stylish way to cast a lovely glow across the room while also drawing the eye to add instant wow factor. A pendant hung directly over your breakfast bar or island bench provides great task lighting over your workspace for meal prepping and also elevates the overall elegance of your kitchen styling.

Get the with a chandelier


Make a statement

To make a luxurious lighting statement in a room, you can’t go past a striking chandelier. Glass, metallics, rattan, beads and crystal really steal the show as they draw the eye and cast an enchanting light. To create a glamorous focal point in your home, hang a chandelier over your dining table, in the living room or in the entryway.


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