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How to Create a Moody Room

Melbourne-based interior stylist Heather Nette King shares her tips on how to create a moody room that’s full of drama.


Moody lighting is something tricky to achieve due to our harsh Australian sunlight, but here are some ideas to help you control the light in a room. First, have a few different lighting options. Chandeliers are great, particularly if they have a dimmer switch, so you can control the twinkle of the light reflecting on the glass. Standard lamps are also a wonderful way to highlight different corners of a room. Table lamps, particularly when set on low side tables, help pick up the light on upholstery fabrics and will spill little circles of light onto the floor, which will add to the play of light and shade in your room. (The sumptuous Lisette sofa in indigo is pictured here.)


Mirrors are an amazing way to bounce interesting light around a room. A reflected pendant light, seemingly multiplied in a mirror’s reflection, will add grandeur and luxury to any room. A cluster of small mirrors that reflect the moody colour scheme will also work wonders for creating a moody atmosphere. To lend an elegantly relaxed spirit to a room, simply lean an oversized gilt-edged mirror against a wall – no need to hang it!


Moody rooms invite downtime, relaxation and a promise of relief from the outside world. Accordingly, your choice of textures can afford to be a little less utilitarian and a lot more luxurious. Velvet upholstery and silk-look carpets or rugs are an obvious starting point. These plush fabrics also reflect light so beautifully, another plus when creating a moody scheme.


A moody colour scheme relies upon a deeply saturated wall or background colour. Think inky blues, deep charcoal, dark, leafy greens or an intense crimson or burgundy. This strong background will immediately make your eyes readjust and attune to a new mood in the room.

Art & Accessories

The current trend for metallics is the perfect complement to a moody interior, as they really come to life against dark-hued backgrounds. Metallics should be your go-to material for side tables, lanterns and frames. Choose artwork with an otherworldly, romantic subject – canvases amassed with blooms or photo prints of grand interiors and classic beauties.


Browse our collection online to check out ideas on how to create a moody room. Or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. Our friendly team is on hand to help with styling advice. And if you love the luxurious look, find out why we’re crushing on velvet.

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