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House Rules: Recreate Pete & Courtney’s Bold Opulent Home


Want more drama in your home? Take your style cues from Pete & Courtney’s bold, opulent renovation with lush fabrics, high-shine materials and rich colour.

Dining Room

A grand table with plenty of room for entertaining will hit the bold, glam brief. Choose a table that features a mix of materials to create an eclectic, opulent feel. Moody metallics can be picked up in homewares, while velvet chairs and drapey, semi-sheer curtains set a romantic scene.

Living Room

A beautiful velvet sofa or armchair is a great starting point and will add instant wow factor to any living space. You can then introduce contrasting textures in throws, cushions and floor rugs.

If you like a classic shape, a Chesterfield style or rolled arm sofa is best. For a more modern take, looks for cleaner lines, that will hero the fabric.

Colour-wise, striking blues and peacock green are great for creating a rich, high impact look. For something more muted, champagne, dusty rose pink or black velvet are equally on-trend options.

The right lighting is an important focal point for this look, especially in the evening. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of glitter, metallic gold or highly-reflective crystal to set the mood. This will also add sophistication to dark backgrounds and contrast well against velvet fabrics.

Want to dip into the bold opulence trend, but don’t want to break the bank? Create a sense of luxury with some velvet cushions or a velvet stool. Installing a glamorous chandelier in a kitchen or bathroom, is another great trick. It’s unexpected and playful. If, like Pete and Courtney, chandeliers aren’t your thing, an art-deco inspired pendant light is equally impactful.


In the bedroom, switching out a plain bedhead for a velvet one. Mix things up with a floral velvet side lamp in rich jewel tones like indigo and deep magenta. Look for bases made from glass to amp up the glam factor. Paint colour can also play a part in setting the right mood. Dark colours with deep hues, such as black and dark grey work best. If you prefer a hint of colour try a deep blue or emerald green to create a feeling of decadence. Steer clear of overly bright pop colours.

3 ways to make a room feel more opulent


Consider using dark, moody colours that are stylish, relaxing and create dramatic backdrops.


Introduce luxurious materials such as velvet and marble-inspired finishes.


Use glamorous lighting and mirrors with splashes of gold.

What to look out for in 2019

Velvet is not going away any time soon. You’ll see this sumptuous fabric everywhere – from cushions to curtains, ottomans to barstools and it will continue to play an important role in home decorating. Art deco influences will play into this trend with a larger focus on bold brass and gold touches and a move towards round table shapes.

Love bold, opulent style? Shop this House Rules renovation.


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