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Make Mother’s Day Amazing



From brand-new mums to gorgeous grans, make Mother’s Day amazing with these easy ideas. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to show how much you care… hugs, cupcakes and handpicked flowers will also spoil your mumma bear.


Spoil her this Mother’s Day with a heartfelt gift to make her feel as special as she makes you feel. Forget boring slippers and soaps… mum could use a special place to escape, relax and unwind, like a cosy reading nook with cushions and a soft throw blanket. Or, with so many mums now working from home, help her create a dedicated workspace with a stylish desk, comfy chair, inspirational print and some luscious indoor plants.

Make Mother’s Day Amazing with the Clover desk and Kip chair
Make Mother’s Day Amazing with the Lisette Armchair


Here’s a few crafty ideas for creative kids to spoil mum on the 8th of May:

💙 print out your favourite photo with mum and pop it in a repurposed frame
💙 bake her a batch of cupcakes (there’s nothing wrong with cake mix if you need to keep it simple!)
💙 write her a poem or paint her portrait — she’ll cherish it forever
💙 create a deck of I-owe-you cards with messages such as “15 Kisses” and “A Huge Bear Hug”
💙 make her a homemade Mother’s Day card with a special message or poem
💙 pick some flowers from the garden and wrap them into a bouquet or DIY a Mother’s Day bouquet
💙 teach her some moves for a TikTok to post online (you’ll laugh about it in years to come!)

Make mother's day amazing with a DIY bouquet


Single mothers take on double the roles and responsibilities that many other parents often share. Show her how much you appreciate all that she does for you by letting her put her feet up for the day as you:

💙 bring her breakfast in bed
💙 fold the laundry
💙 stack the dishwasher
💙 bake her a cake
💙 make her favourite dinner

Mum’s always looking after you, who’s looking after Mum? A special gift or act of kindness will make her feel appreciated. Or give her a small token to show her your know her and truly adore her, like a pretty vase, throw blanket or cushion… or even a personal artwork in a frame.

Make Mother's Day Amazing with a vase
Make Mother's Day Amazing with your own artwork


Becoming a mumma bear for the first time is one of the most exciting (and scary!) moments in a woman’s life. From the moment she sees the first scan… notices the baby bump… starts to feel the first kicks, the mothering instinct kicks in — and remains for the rest of her life. Help her transition into this amazing new role with a practical gift like:

💙 an armchair for nursing
💙 cushions
💙 throws
💙 an ottoman
💙 rug

She’ll be doing a lot of middle-of-the-night feeding, so make sure she’s as comfy and warm as she can be.

Make Mother's Day Amazing with a cosy armchair


Grandmas are the Yodas of parents — from cranky newborns to sneaky teens, they’ve seen it all! Now they’re all about snuggles and spoiling (and way too many Tim Tams when you visit). Spoil her back with a special dinner or some cosy new decor for the cooler months ahead, like a cushion and throw. If you can’t see her in person, surprise her with a FaceTime chat or gift delivered straight to her front door.

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