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Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space

Ceiling fans are a wonderfully versatile accessories for year-round comfort. They keep your living areas cool on balmy summer days and circulate warm air during the crisp winter months. They’re also perfect for undercover alfresco areas to maintain a breeze and keep the bugs at bay. Best of all, they can also save you money by reducing gas and electricity bills. We’ve compiled a guide on how to select the right ceiling fan for your space — whether indoors or out.
Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Java


Energy saving

Ceiling fans can reduce your energy bills in summer by up to 40% when used in conjunction with an air-conditioner. Direct current fans are a newer technology that uses considerably less power and are more energy efficient with a quieter operation and lower motor temperate while in use. The criss-cross design of the Java is unlike any other fan on the market.

Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Suva


Cool change

The use of a ceiling fan can make a room feel up to 8⁰C cooler. The amount of air that is moved around a room is measured in cubic metres per minute (m3/min). The higher the air-flow rating, the cooler the fan will make you feel. Our fans range from 137–223m3/min. The Suva fan with its contoured 163cm blades offers exceptional airflow and there’s also a version with an LED light.

Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Hickory


Summer sensation

Ceiling fans aren’t just for indoor spaces. More and more Aussies are creating a holiday-at-home vibe in their outdoor areas with alfresco dining sets and sofas to entertain guests. Installing an outdoor fan will keep things cool on hot summer afternoons and keep the bugs at bay. The Moreton can be used indoors or in undercover outdoor areas and comes in a black or white version — both with remote control.

Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Madeira


Winter warmer

Using ceiling fans in reverse during the winter months can make your house warmer and reduce heating costs by up to 15%. Nearly all of our fans have a winter mode / reversible mode switch. This reverses the blade direction to push warm air down from the ceiling, saving on heating costs. The Madeira fan includes a reversible mode switch, allowing it to be used to circulate warm air flow during winter.

Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Byron


Built for comfort

Unlike an air-conditioner, ceiling fans do not dry out the skin, eyes and throat. If you like the thought of being able to control the light or fan speed from bed, ensure your selection includes a remote control, or you can purchase one separately. Most of our fans include remote controls and we also sell accessories separately. The Byron comes in both white and oak and black and walnut/mahogany.

Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Hayman


Bright solution

If you want your fan to also be your main source of light, or you want to introduce more light into a room, look for one that includes an integrated light or light kit. This can also be a wonderful solution for undercover outdoor areas. The Hayman’s sleekly design blades boast mantra-ray curves to maximise air circulation and it come in sleek white and timber finish options.

Select the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Space with Palm Cove


Superior safety

Ceiling fans are a safer option than pedestal fans, which may pose a risk to children and pets. For homes with higher ceilings (over 3m), we have an option of a 900mm drop rod, which can be altered to suit the space. Your ceiling fan should be installed at least 30cm from the ceiling, with the blades at least 2.1m from the floor. The classic design of the Palm Cove has a Victorian-era aesthetic, which suits those who like the colonial or period-style look.

View Early Settler’s full ceiling fan range or enquire in-store for further assistance to help you select the right ceiling fan for your indoor or outdoor space. And get some great tips on how to clean the air in your home.

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