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The Granny Chic Style



There’s nothing quite as cosy as grandma’s house (especially in uncertain times). It’s like a warm snuggle of soft ruffles, floral prints, Earl Grey tea and lavender oil that instantly soothes the senses and transports you to carefree days of yore. Considering the epoch we’ve been living through, it’s no surprise that the Laura Ashley-esque florals and vintage décor of nan’s house have found their way into the Millennial generation of hip 20–30-something interiors lovers. Granny chic style (also known as grandmillennial) is a wholesome new design trend for those who relish the nostalgic comfort and eclectic elegance of yesteryear.


🌸 Florals & mixed patterns
🌸 Layering, ruffles & embroidery
🌸 Chinoiserie ceramics & vintage treasures
🌸 Antique-style mirrors & eclectic artworks
🌸 Chandeliers & pleated lampshades
🌸 Rattan & wicker furniture & décor
🌸 Pairing old & new


Rebelling against stark white-on-white minimalism of the Scandi movement, granny chic is a modern take on the English-country style married with eclectic maximalism. Vibrant colours, clashing patterns and precious ceramics rule supreme in this mishmash of styles and periods. But before you baulk at the idea of transforming your home into Great-Granny Dot’s digs stuck in the 1970s, keep in mind that this style is ‘chinoiserie chic’, not kitschy… it’s gorgeous, not gaudy. It’s about weaving vintage touches into your modern décor in a curated fashion.

Granny chic style – Arianne Sofa


From floral cushions and chintz ruffles to pleated lampshades and vintage-style homewares, the style is feminine, frilly and fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously with its miscellany of influences from the Victorian era to the boho ’60s, yet it works together in the most wholesome fashion. What’s the perfect quirky counterpart to the digital generation of Uber Eats and Netflix? Needlepoint and knitting, of course. This style is chic yet cheeky and couples well with its hip, bread-baking cousin cottagecore.


The granny chic style also leans on the Millennial desire for more sustainable homes with vintage treasures often sourced from second-hand stores used to enrich the visual feast in living rooms and bedrooms. In fact, Google Trends is showing that there’s been a huge spike in searches for ‘1950s décor’, ‘wicker furniture’ and ‘pleated lampshades’ over the past 12 months. In the pandemic world, clearly there’s a yearning to go back to basics, and not just among Millennials. From Boomers to Zoomers, granny chic is trending.

Granny chic style - Annabelle Armchair

Get the look

To get the granny chic look in your home, you don’t have to replicate grandma’s house. Rather, work with your existing furnishings to infuse some key elements that capture the soft, motley, wholesome vibe.

If you’re looking to update some of your big-ticket items, select ‘forever’ pieces like a classic sofa with rolled arms, a regal armchair and wrought-iron bed. Set beside rattan and wicker pieces, the contrast weds boho and shabby chic to create a laidback elegance.

The Gorgeous Granny Chic Style - Lisette sofa with Vintage trunk
Layer up with colourful botanical patterns, chintz and varied textures in cushions and throws. Anchor your room with a bold rug and some pleated or floral lampshades (or a striking chandelier!).

Finally, garnish with eclectic vintage-inspired prints, antique-style mirrors, op-shop tea sets, chinoiserie ceramics (blue and white is always a granny-approved colour combo) and plenty of luscious indoor plants and faux flower arrangements.


🌸 Flower power
Florals are a staple of this soft and feminine style so fill your rooms with botanicals on the cushions, rug, framed prints or in vases… better yet, all of the above!
🌸 Plenty of patterns
Damask, tartan, gingham and paisley, they’re all opportunities to create the ruffled, tasselled, layered look of grandma’s house. Pop in some patterns, like a beautiful armchair beside blue and white ceramics or a couple of clashing cushions.
🌸 Antique-style décor
This maximalist style takes a more-is-more approach so don’t be afraid to be bold. Curate your shelves and tabletops with vases, pot plants and statues to create a visual feast. Granny chic is the antithesis of Scandi.
🌸 Vintage furnishings
Part of the old-world charm of grandma’s house is the miscellany of furniture collected throughout the decades, from mid-century to Hollywood glam, Victorian to boho. Pair your existing pieces with a few eclectic extras.
🌸 Get the light right
Mix and match your lighting line-up with an assorted ensemble, such as antique-style lamps, floral lampshades and a sparkling chandelier. This style is all about treasured pieces collected throughout the decades.
🌸 Cosy and colourful
Most importantly, granny chic is about taking home comforts to the next level. Soft furnishings and a colour palette you love will pull the room together to create a cosy space that invites you for tea and scones.

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Visit us in-store and online at Early Settler to get more granny chic decorating ideas. And if you love the granny chic look, you’ll also adore cottagecore… a wholesome lifestyle movement embracing shabby chic furnishings, bread-baking and a return to the simple life for hip Millennials.


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