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Top Interior Design Trends for 2021


The new era of interior design

No one could have anticipated just how much the world would change due to the events of 2020. Spending more time at home than ever before, one thing that has become acutely clear is that we are all reorganising our priorities in regard to work life, home life and entertaining. With these changes, the world of design is shifting with it to make homes fresher, multifunctional and more environmentally friendly. We’ve compiled the top interior design trends for 2021.

The Reclaimed Teak Cross Leg Table is made from recycled timber from South-East Asia.


Eco-friendly & earthy

The demand for more sustainably-sourced and recycled materials has never been higher as we all look to a more eco-friendly future. Reclaimed timber, stone, rattan and wicker are surging in popularity, while neutral tones such as beige, earthy brown, charcoal, burnt umber and eucalypt green also imbue an earthy aesthetic that’s very calming in the modern home.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 with the Easton sofa

Biophilic design is a trend that brings nature indoors and is becoming an important part of contemporary design. For the fresh look without the maintenance, opt for faux plants.


Biophilic design

Following hand-in-hand with the eco-friendly agenda, biophilia is a contemporary practice used in building and design of incorporating more natural elements in the home to increase connection with nature. Shown to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and enhance concentration and creativity, some elements of biophilic design include maximising the natural light, adding water features and incorporating plenty of indoor plants.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 fruit decor

Flowers, fruits and other colourful decor is a big trend for 2021.


Floral & fruity décor

Bringing the freshness of the outdoors inside is also being displayed in flowers and floral motifs. Faux flowers, floral prints and luxurious floral rugs are in full bloom in interior design, and it’s hard not to love this trend. Likewise, lively shades of kiwi, dragonfruit and pineapple backdropped by tropical foliage capture a paradise-like vibe so many are yearning for in the travel-restricted pandemic world. As such, fruity and tropical décor is finding its way into our homes more than ever before.

Blissful Balcony Decorating Ideas with plants

1970s-style archways and curvy décor are back, and they’ve never looked better.


Curves & arches

Adding instant softness to the architecture of spaces, curves and arches are set to be a big hit in 2021 interior and exterior design. Rounded doorways and windows relax otherwise hard spaces with a feminine touch, while curvaceous sofas and round dining tables are also more popular than ever for their laidback aesthetic.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 with the Maine desk

One of the big societal shifts of 2020 was the work-from-home transition. The Matilda Shelving Unit proves your space can be both funky and functional.


The home office

With much of the nation having worked or studied remotely at some point in 2020, a clear need has developed for homes to be more multifunctional with clever storage solutions. Thankfully, the pandemic won’t last forever, but working remotely in some fields — at least to a degree — is becoming the norm. Consequently, creating a home office or workstation is a top interior design trend for 2021 as employees and employers embrace the benefits of the digital workspace.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021 with the Kalise canopy bed

The perfect excuse to finally purchase a dreamy canopy bed.


Canopy beds

Here’s a trend we truly adore because who doesn’t love a good excuse to sink into the queen-like comfort of a canopy bed? As Aussies prioritise creating blissful pockets of calm within their own four walls to unwind (and escape the kids!) the luxurious canopy bed has made a comeback. Topped with fluffy pillows, crisp linens and even some sheer curtains, the canopy bed becomes a cloud-like chamber of tranquillity.

Oak & Orange: Poolside Paradise with the Haven lounge set

People are investing unused holiday funds in beautiful home updates (image courtesy of Oak & Orange).


Comfort is king

The saying ‘my home is my castle’ has never been more fitting as we’ve found ourselves at home so much this year. People are buying bigger sofas and extending the deck to upsize their downtime. Money that was earmarked for the annual trip to Bali is being rerouted into ‘staycay’ home updates, like luxurious soaker tubs, culinary kitchens, sliding glass doors uniting interior and exterior spaces… in essence, making the home a personal paradise.

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