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Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating


From toast to roast

The kitchen is the workhorse of the house. It’s where meals are made, coffees are brewed, biccies are baked and the wine is poured. As one of the most popular rooms in the house, you want it to be fresh and functional throughout the years. However, the reality is, all kitchens date over time and a full reno is expensive. But it’s easy to update your kitchen without renovating with these 7 stylish ideas.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with an island


Add an island

Create extra surface space for slicing and dicing with a floating island bench. Islands and workbenches come in a range of styles with a variety shelving options. You can also choose between a timber countertop, marble or chic black granite. As an added bonus, freestanding islands can be moved around as needs dictate — such as to create a cocktail station for parties.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with savvy storage


Get savvy with storage

Keep your sauces, spices, salad bowls and other essentials well organised in a handy pantry, kitchen hutch or open shelving unit. A freestanding pantry unit is designed with savvy storage in mind to include shelves and compartments to keep everything orderly, while a buffet hutch or open shelving unit is ideal for those who prefer everything out on display and in easy reach.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with lighting


Elevate your lighting

Pendant lighting is a stylish way to cast a lovely glow across the room while also drawing the eye to add instant wow factor. A pendant hung directly over your breakfast bar or island bench provides great task lighting over your workspace for meal prepping and also elevates the overall elegance of your kitchen styling.


A fresh coat of paint

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen feel fresh is with a new paint job. Opt for a crisp shade of white to brighten your kitchen and create the illusion of space and light, or an on-trend colour if you’re feeling more inspired. With years of accumulated steam and stains on your walls and cabinetry (even in the cleanest of kitchens), a fresh coat of paint will make your kitchen feel new.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with tapware and hardware


Switch out the hardware

From hinges and handles to tapware and wastes, all the little finishes can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your space. Give your cabinetry a modern makeover with some new knobs and pull handles, and install some glamorous new tapware in your kitchen sink in contemporary matte black, classic chrome or timeless brushed brass to give it a whole new look.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with bar stools


Update the bar stools

In most modern homes, the stools are one of the first things you see in your kitchen, set beneath the breakfast bar or island bench. So beyond their practical purpose of handy extra seating for brekkie and cuppa catch-ups, you also want them to look good. Updating your bar stools is an instant way to give your kitchen a new look without blowing the budget.

Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating with art and plants


Add art and plants

Add freshness and pretty pops of colour with some new kitchen décor. An artwork not only adds visual interest to break up stark white walls, it can also create an illusion of space. Rotate your artworks throughout the seasons to keep your kitchen looking fresh. And cap it all off with a few indoor plants (or the faux variety if you don’t want the maintenance!).


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