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Dream Home Interior Design Ideas

A lover of all things design, interiors and construction, DIY decorator Millie Goggins has been cultivating her eye for styling as she decorates her brand-new home on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. A long-time dream now come to fruition with her fiancé (and sausage dog Frank!), Millie’s modern Scandi style pairs minimalism with well-placed pops of colour – and the effect is striking. Having spent the last two years constructing their home, the styling is very much Millie’s labour of love. Her Instagram page @milliegoggins depicts her journey in photos and here she shares her dream home interior design ideas.

How do you begin when starting a new project?

Mood boards are my best friend! I’m a visual person, so when starting a project, I will create a mood board for each individual room. This way I can put together the colour scheme and all the pieces I need before purchasing. I also make sure I have the room dimensions handy. I don’t want to be selecting pieces that are too big or too small for the space. Another priority is to take some time to think about the room’s intended purpose. I consider how I plan to use it day in day out and I prioritise functionality.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I try to find my inspiration everywhere. For the best inspo I spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, flicking through magazines or visiting homeware stores. I also love to pull colours from nature to bring the outside in. I have so many favourite designers! If I had to choose a few, I would say: Three Birds Renovations for their unique designs, Alisa & Lysandra for some beautiful luxe interiors, Kyal & Kara for a hint of coastal styling and Mon Palmer for her gorgeous landscaping.

What’s been your favourite project? 

Hands down: building our own home. It was definitely the hardest but best thing I’ve ever done. Designing everything from scratch was a dream come true for me, from drawing the façade and creating the layout to picking all the finishes, it was all so much fun! I feel very lucky that we were able to do it ourselves. We learnt so much that we can hopefully use for many more builds to come.

What’s your advice for other DIY renovators?

Planning is key! I know that is probably the most obvious and overused reply, but we found it to be the most important part of the process. Take time to research products and finishes and order samples when you can. Sometimes a product can look completely different online than it does in real life. Secondly, don’t be too phased by trends. Find some great timeless pieces and don’t worry about whether it is ‘on trend’. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with it. You want your space to be a reflection of yourself and to be filled with things you love.

What’s next for you?

I am about to start studying Building Design. No rest for the wicked! I am very excited to expand my knowledge of the building industry and hope to one day have my own interior and building design business. Oh, and I also want to build or renovate a few more houses. But I’ll take some time to recover from this one first!

Quick quiz …

When I was young, I wanted to beA famous musician! (A girl can dream right? 😂)
Every home should haveA sausage dog! (Okay maybe I’m a little biased…) A close second would be a comfy lounge.
I would describe my style asA mixed bag of modern Scandi with colour.
Number one tip for DIY renovators? Plan and research. There are so many great resources online to help get your DIY on. 
If in doubt… Mood board it out.  
My favourite room in the house isThe bathroom. There’s nothing better than a big bath to relax in. 
Comfort or style? Stylish comfort! That’s a thing, right?! 
If you loved Millie’s dream home interior design ideas and want more DIY styling inspiration, check out @milliegoggins to browse more of her transformed spaces.

(Images courtesy of @milliegoggins; Grace Canvas Print pictured above from Early Settler)


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  1. Praveen Kumar 13th January 2020

    It is always good to read about how industry specialists think and implement their work. It gave me more insight about the workings of Interior design industry. It will help me to work better with my clients project. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

  2. Tori Raddison 21st February 2020

    I love the idea of creating a mood board for each individual room so you have an idea of what you want for them. You’ll be able to visualize it a lot better. It’ll be good to have that when you go to get new furniture or choose a paint color.

  3. Abhinav Nair 1st April 2020

    great content guys! keep up the good work

  4. Donald Mayers 4th May 2020

    This article is a great source of information for homeowners planning to renovate or design their homes.This will help them avoid unnecessary mistakes during the process.

  5. Ranjana Kaur 11th May 2020

    Great post and very inspiring as well. Thanks for sharing such great tips as they are very helpful to me in planning the interior of my house. I would like to share your ideas with my hubby so that we can both come up with some new ideas like mood board. It is really very interesting. Keep sharing your ideas with the readers.

  6. Rink Agarwal 28th May 2020

    Really very inspiring. I bought new house and your ideas are amazing. I will definitely implement at my home. Best part I too love to spend time in bathroom, for me the place where nobody in the world will disturb me.


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