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Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

In contrast to the stark-white minimalism of the Scandi movement, 2019 has witnessed a number of exciting new trends in homewares. Embracing vibrant colours, tropical prints and metallic accents, Australians are wanting more playful interiors that celebrate exotic places and different cultures, as well as an eco-friendly agenda. With this in mind, Early Settler has released the Treasures collection of on-trend homewares sourced from around the globe. Among the range are stylish and unique pieces carefully selected to embrace the top interior design trends for 2019.


Earthy & organic

With the shift into environmental consciousness and eco-friendly lifestyles, more and more people are seeking natural-looking materials and textures. Part of our Treasures collection, the Mantra range includes bathroom accessories with stone-like finishes. This terrazzo side table offers a little luxury in the bathroom, living room, on the deck or as a bedside table.

Interior design trends 2019 with the Arthouse Tropical Tiger Canvas



Google Trends has shown a recent increase in the desire for tropically-inspired home furnishings and décor. Palm leaves, pineapples and animal prints bring an enticing holiday-at-home atmosphere into interiors. Our Tropical Vibes range will ignite your jungle fever with colourful leopard and tiger canvases and leafy cushions. The gold leopard statue would look adorable peeking out from your indoor plants.

Interior design trends of 2019 with Folk print



Colourful canvases with bold and vibrant imagery are very much among the trend for 2019. Cheeky cow portraits, vivacious flowers, and exotic doorways into foreign lands offer a playful rebellion against traditional design. The darling eyes within the Folk llama Print seem to follow you around the room. This enchanting Folk canvas (pictured) would bring an international vibe into any interior space.

Interior design trends for 2019 with the Coral Bust


Colour it Coral

Each year colour categorising company, Pantone, nominates the hot colour of the year. For 2019, it is “living coral”, which they describe as “animating and life-affirming… with a golden undertone”. We’ve responded with a number of pieces, including the Cate chair in coral and Aruba coral cushion. The Constance Lady Bust and the Tate Collections French Lady with Flowers (top of page) emanate European chic.

Interior design trends of 2019 with the stitch stripe


quirkY & KitSch

Kitsch is all about reinterpreting high art with bold colours or humour and irony. We’ve embraced this idea with gleeful abandon. Among our Kitsch range of homewares in this season’s selections are vibrant cushions in primary colours with exotic influences. You’ll also find a handmade embroidered donkey head from India and Percy the Flying Pig.

Interior design trends for 2019 with the Cosmic Wall Hanging


METALLIC accents

Gold, silver, brass and copper have had a comeback. Although, rather than have your spaces dripping with Hollywood glam, think subtle accents, frames and trims. Our collection has embraced the bling with gold-trim bathroom accessories, a cat trinket dish and dazzling golden mirrors with a ‘Cosmic’ theme. Or pop a plant into the Marrakesh plant stand to gild your greenery.

READY TO get styling?

Browse our homewares online to check out the interior design trends for 2019, or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. Our team is always there to lend a hand with styling advice and practical information. Don’t forget to check out the outdoor furniture style trends for 2019 to dress up your deck for summer entertaining.

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