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Stylish, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly


Eco-friendly furnishings

At Early Settler, we don’t just care about style, we also care about sustainability. Our new outdoor range has sustainable stories throughout the collection — from reclaimed teak to cushions made from recycled plastic. We’re all about stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly furniture you’ll love.

Recycled plastic drink bottles

Olefin is a synthetic fibre that can be made from recycled PET plastic, such as those used for drink bottles. The production of olefin is very environmentally friendly. In fact, it’s a greener fabric than cotton, wool, silk and rayon, which gives it a very low carbon footprint. With incredible resistance to the sun, stains, moisture, mildew and heat, it’s ideal for outdoor cushions and rugs. Best of all, it’s also super soft and colourfast. We have a lively selection of olefin-fabric accessories ideal for outdoor living. Decorate your deck with a Marien rug and some of our Aruba outdoor cushions. We have 30 vibrant designs you can choose from!

Sustainably sourced timber

Forests are the most important natural resource in the world. As such, we endeavour to seek furniture made from timber that has been sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested. This means, when a tree is cut down, another is planted in its place.


We have many tables made from sustainably sourced acacia, which is a timber we love because it’s so fast growing. Within our range tables you can choose from the Antigua, KantoTrenton and Tanna folding table. We also have the Sanctuary sofa and many bench seats made from this sustainably sourced timber. Acacia is ideal for outdoor furniture because it’s hard-wearing and has a naturally high oil content that helps preserve the timber.

Stylish & sustainable furniture with an eco-friendly agenda with the Antigua

We have a number of pieces crafted from sustainably sourced mango wood, another fast-growing tree (with delicious fruit!). Some of our pieces include the Beaumont dining table, Croxley parquetry dining table and the Hampton canopy bed.

Tropical villa decorating ideas

Reclaimed timber

When you buy reclaimed-timber furniture, it means that not a single tree is cut down to make it. There are countless demolished buildings, run-down wharves, unused rail yards and abandoned factories with timber that is perfectly usable. We stock many tables made of reclaimed teak, including the Reclaimed Teak Cross Leg, Loxley Reclaimed Teak, Yarra Teak and Canterbury. Not only are these pieces made from recycled timber, the planks are often up to 100 years old. This makes them incredibly strong.

Buyer’s Picks | Outdoor furniture with the Reclaimed Teak
Learn more about our Reclaimed Teak Cross Leg Table and where the timber is sourced.

Are you ready to get started?

Are you feeling inspired to decorate your home with some stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly furniture? Browse our range online or visit us in person at your local Early Settler store. Our friendly team is always there to lend a hand with styling advice and practical information.

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