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House Rules: A Sleek Family Home for Tim

From untouched 1950s weatherboard cottage to sleek, industrial house, House Rules teams completely transformed Tim’s family home in Melbourne. We chat to Early Settler’s head furniture buyer Monica Porter about this ambitious renovation.

Tim and Mat asked teams to fuse industrial with sleek. How do you think they went?

Monica: I think all the teams did pretty well. They used a good mix of steel, beautiful timbers, simple fabrics and neutral leathers throughout the home – all elements of industrial style.

What type of homes does this style suit?

Monica: Traditionally, sleek industrial was inspired by New York style and inner-city loft apartments, but this look can adapt to any home.

What are the dos and don’ts when creating this look?

Monica: Don’t try too hard to manufacture this look. Start with your basics: sofas, dining and living then build the look with things you love or have found in thrift stores or a Sunday outing. Give it time and enjoy naturally accumulating things that have meaning and a story behind them.

“The industrial look can be very harsh without pops of colour and texture.” – Monica

Teams used black throughout the home, a move that angered the judges. What would you have done to bring more warmth to the rooms?

Monica: The industrial look can be very harsh without pops of colour and texture to soften hard steel, sharp lines and darker colours, especially in a family home. Black is a stylish, neutral base, but it’s important not to go over-board, or rooms can appear too dark and closed-in. This season we’re seeing a lot of mustard and deep greens, and of course, greenery does wonders for adding natural colour and contrast to a room.

What’s in for industrial style in 2019?

Monica: Sustainable materials continue to be an important consideration in this trend. The true beauty of industrial is that it’s neutral, allowing a bit of whimsy to come in. Art deco influences are in and can be added to this look and refined glamour with beautifully lavish velvet sofas is also making an appearance.

Want to create your own sleek, industrial home? Shop this House Rules renovation.


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