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Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat


A sacred space

We spend at least a third of our lives in bed… even more over holidays and long weekends. It’s so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s where we end each day, start each new day, relax, unwind and recharge. It should be a sanctuary of serenity; a sacred space, customised to our own personal needs. We’ve got some great tips to create a dreamy bedroom retreat without blowing the budget. Best of all, it can be achieved over the weekend.

Dreamy Bedroom Retreat

Why we love mango wood

The Hampton Canopy Bed is made from mango timber, a hardwood with a dense grain. It’s very strong, yet unlike traditional hardwood, it’s more affordable as it grows prolifically in tropical locations around the world. Why is it so sustainable? It’s a by-product of an already thriving industry: mango fruit. Once a tree stops bearing fruit, it’s harvested for its timber and a new tree is planted in its place.

Dreamy Bedroom Retreat mango

1 Get calm with colour

Never underestimate the mood-altering magic of a fresh lick of paint. Peaceful pastels in soft blue or green have been long recognised for their restful ambience. According to Dulux, the autumn 2021 palette of ‘Nourish’, ‘Retreat’ and ‘Reset’ are cosy and warm. And ‘Tranquil Dawn’ continues to be a soothing choice. When selecting your colour, pay attention to how particular shades make you feel. Shades effect people in different ways and the most important consideration is that the colour is calming to you.

Paint like a pro

1 Clean the walls.
2 Tape the trim. Use coloured painter’s tape to protect any areas you don’t want your paint to get on, like the skirting and door frames.
3 Use a brush to carefully paint along the masking tape line (‘cut in’).
4 Pour paint into a paint tray.
5 Use a roller brush to apply paint evenly over your walls.
6 Apply 2nd coat after 24 hours.
7 Remove tape once paint is dry.

Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat painting

2 Luscious linens

Get that crisp, hotel-style luxury of luscious linens with high thread-count sheets. With the weather cooling down, fleecy flannelette sheets are oh-so-cosy and cashmere soft. Let your personal style run wild with your choice of colours and prints, but the calming principle still applies, so select what makes you feel good and relaxed. If you’ve been sleeping on sad and stained pillows, treat yourself to some fluffy new ones. Or get an upholstered bedhead to up the luxe to the next level. Add a few colourful cushions, canopy curtains and a plush rug for an absolute slice of heaven.
Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat with the clover

Extend the life of your linens

1 Buy a quality thread count — but it doesn’t have to be 1000-thread Egyptian cotton. 400–800 is super soft and will last beautifully.
2 Wash frequently (once a week is ideal) on a cold, gentle wash cycle.
Avoid fabric softener. A cup of plain white vinegar with your detergent works best.
Separate your whites and colours to keep them looking their best.

Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat sheets

3 Ambient lighting

Bright, utilitarian ceiling lights may be ideal for applying makeup, finding your belt in the back of the wardrobe and strolling the meat aisle of the supermarket, but for winding down before sleep, they’re less than idea. You want to create a soft and pampering environment with softer lighting and low-wattage bulbs. Flameless candles are also calming and mood-setting and even come in a range of rotating colours. And while you’re thinking of light, consider how you like to wake up in the morning. Do you like total block-out curtains or blinds so you can rise when you’re ready? Or do you prefer to slowly wake to the gentle caress of the rising sun through sheer curtains? Choose your curtains wisely.

4 Buzz kill

Do we really need to constant buzz of dormant televisions and charging iPhones in our bedrooms? Phones, computers and other electronic devises emit a blue light that stimulates the brain, keeping you awake. It blocks melatonin production, which is the sleep hormone that naturally lets you know when you’re ready to sleep. Let’s face it, they’re also a constant distraction. Kids and teens, in particular, have a hard time regulating their screen time in the evenings. Sleep experts advise banning electronics in bedrooms to make it a space just for light reading, snuggling and sleeping.
Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat trentham

Easy on the eyes

If you prefer an e-reader, get one that’s not backlit, like the original Kindle or Kobo. Here’s a few 2021 bestsellers:
2 CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson
3 LATER by Stephen King
4 GREENLIGHTS by Matthew McConaughey

Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat kindle

5 Soothing sounds and scents

If you really want to give yourself the royal treatment, create a dreamy bedroom retreat with an aromatherapy oil diffuser. The best scents for relaxing are said to be lavender, valerian and bergamot. Playing some restful sleep sounds or a guided meditation is also a wonderful way to wind down. Devices such as Google Home and Alexa offer sleep sounds and mediations or use a Bluetooth speaker. If you have to use your phone, dim the screen completely and put it in ‘sleep’ and ‘airport’ mode and set a timer so you can drift off to sleep to the soothing sounds of jungle rain or lapping sea.
Create a Dreamy Bedroom Retreat

Serenity now?

Shop in-store or online at Early Settler at any time to create a dreamy bedroom retreat. And don’t miss our kids’ bedroom makeover!

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