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House Rules: How to Embrace Colour


Love aquatic colours as much as Queensland couple Shayn and Carly?

Colour can give rooms a much-needed dose of personality and lift your mood – but can you ever go too far? Here are some tips for adding splashes of your favourite colour to the home, without going overboard.


Why not pick up the colour in your favourite print or artwork and translate it to a wall? There are lots of useful apps and online tools that can identify colours in an image, print or artwork. You can ever look to nature for inspiration: sky, sand, water, leaves, flowers. Then simply match it up to a similar paint colour.


Colour can be the hero of a home, but it shouldn’t steal the show. If in doubt use the 60-30-10 rule. We love Apartment Therapy’s simple breakdown. Essentially you can be as bright and bold as you like when it comes to colour choices, but always ensure the space maintains a sense of calm and cohesion.


If you’re planning to incorporate colour into more permanent structures such as a kitchen or bathroom, always look at the big picture. If it’s an on-trend colour, can it easily be changed if you grow sick of it? Consider not just the room you’re renovating, but also adjacent zones, such as the floor outside a bathroom and how it will look against the tilework you have your heart set on. There’s no reason you need to always default to white (though there are a myriad of white options out there), but remember to consider your entire space. Place tile, wall paint and flooring samples together and ask yourself the question: do the colours flow and complement one another, or are they jarring?


There are many ways to have fun with colour, without over-committing. Take your cues from House Rules’ Katie and Alex with a chunky green wool throw over neutral bedding or swap out a chair in your living room or study for one in your favourite colour. These simple changes can instantly re-energise a space.


Plants never go out of style. They purify the air, add natural colour and texture, and are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate a home. Celebrate the outdoors with groupings of plants to create an indoor oasis, or choose plants with large foliage, that will make a bold statement on their own, such as a fiddle-leaf fig or a Monstera deliciosa. House it in a large colourful pot for extra impact.


If you love colour, be confident! Remember: a wall can always be re-painted. Have fun with bold wallpaper, chairs, cushions, textiles or rugs and make your home your own.

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